Driving Lessons Calgary

With over 23 years of experience driving in BC, driving instructor Salah wants to make a difference in the city he lives and share his expertise with a new generation of drivers. A Road Star member for over ten years, you can rest assured that you’ll only receive the best driving lessons Calgary has to offer. Contact Direct Driving School to find out more about our driving lessons, courses and intensive courses by calling Salah on 403 909 4242 today.


Our Driving Lessons in Calgary

Learning to drive should be a fun, safe and enjoyable way to prepare yourself for the freedom driving brings. At Direct Driving School, we pride ourselves on offering our students just that. Our driving lessons are perfect for all ages, from beginners to the advanced, and our hourly lessons, packages and intensive courses are all priced at competitive rates. As the best driving lessons Calgary has to offer, we have the following options:Calgary Driving Lessons

  • Class 5 GDL Package
  • Class 5 Non-GDL Package
  • Brush Up Lesson
  • Car Rental for Basic Road Test
  • Car Rental for Advanced Road Test

For more information about starting Calgary driving lessons, get in touch with Salah today.

Class 5 GDL Course

With fifteen hours of classroom time and ten hours of driving time, this basic drivers test will prepare you for your class 5 road test. Classes are held on Saturdays from 9 am – 5:30 pm and from 12:30 pm – 9 pm on Sundays. Our in-car driving lessons consist of five two hour sessions between 8 am – 8 pm Monday – Fridays. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be issued with a driving lessons Calgary certification of insurance.

With your Class 5 GDL permit, you’ll be able to drive a two-axle single motor vehicle, including a moped but excluding a motorcycle. To prepare for the test, and for more information about Class 5 GDL course requirements, download the driving rules booklet from the Alberta Government website.

Drivers Guide

At Direct Driving School, we believe driving is a privilege and responsibility that should be respected at all times. With a combination of knowledge and skill that comes as a result of education and training, we pride ourselves on teaching our students to drive safely and correctly. On our website, you’ll find a helpful Driver’s Guide, which includes information on how to obtain a learner’s license for small trucks, vans and recreational vehicles. You can also find useful practice tests to use alongside your driving lessons in Calgary that will give you an idea of what questions you’ll be asked.

Driver License Renewal

Did you know driver’s licences are valid for one to five years depending on the licence class, your medical status and your age? Should you continue driving with an expired license, you could incur fines for several hundreds of dollars. The best way to ensure you’re driving safely and within the law is to take the following into account:

  • The expiry date is your birthday, but you need to renew before it occurs
  • Leave enough time before renewing your licence for medical screenings
  • Drivers’ licences must be renewed in person
  • You can renew it early if you’re going on vacation or moving

For more information about drivers license renewal, or to book your Calgary driving lessons, contact Salah today.

Instructor and Student Responsibilities

As the best driving lessons Calgary has to offer, we believe in upholding our responsibilities to ensure we’re offering a safe, yet enjoyable, driving lesson experience. We’ll promise to provide our training in a timely and professional manner, with a wholly insured, valid and registered clean vehicle in good running condition. You can rest assured that all of our instructors are licensed by Alberta Transportation, and can provide documentation on request.

At Direct Driving School we state that our students must fulfil a few requirements before undertaking driving lessons with our instructors. Students must possess, at minimum, a class 7 Alberta license and have the license in their possession during all in-vehicle training. If you attend a course that offers a Driver Education Course Completion Certificate, you must attend all required driving lessons Calgary classes and pass the applicable examination/performance evaluation.

If you would like more information about our driving lessons Calgary responsibilities, contact Salah who will be happy to answer any questions, or head on over to our Responsibilities page.


Why choose Direct Driving School for your Driving Lessons in Calgary?

With 23 years of experience offering a second to none Calgary driving lessons service, and with ten years as a Road Star member, look no further than Direct Driving School. With courses to suit all ages and abilities, as well as competitive prices you won’t find elsewhere, we’re proud to offer a trustworthy, reliable and enjoyable service.

If you still need persuading that we offer the best driving lessons in Calgary, you can read some of our useful and informative FAQ’s that can put your mind at ease.



For the best driving lessons Calgary can offer, contact Salah on 403 909 4242 today. Alternatively, you can email at salah@directdrivingschool.ca or fill out a simple online form, and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.