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Our defensive driving course in CalgaryDefensive Driving Course

You will find the rates we offer here at Direct Driving School very competitive and cost effective in the long term. Regardless of whether you’re choosing our defensive driving course Calgary or one of our GDL packages, it will be hard to beat our excellent course prices.

Here at Direct Driving School, we recommend following the 5 LEARN steps that our defensive driving course Calgary experts have put together for teen drivers:

  • Limit the number of passengers. For new young drivers, passengers can be a massive safety risk. Fatal car crashes that involve 16-year-old drivers are more likely to occur if there are other young people in the car. The risk actually increases with every teenage passenger. We would urge you to consider a “no passenger” rule for the first year of unsupervised driving for maximum safety.
  • Everyone wears a seatbelt (every time). There is no better protection in a crash than the one your seatbelt offers. The chance of injury is decreased by 50% when wearing a seatbelt yet more than half of Alberta’s teen drivers who were injured in crashes in the past five years were not wearing a seatbelt at all.
  • After dark, it’s time to park. The majority of deadly crashes involving teenagers occur between 9 PM and 6 AM. If you’re the parent of a new young driver, we would encourage you to consider restricting your child’s driving hours between those times (especially on weekends).
  • Rural roads mean more risk. More than 75% of crashes that resulted in serious injuries in Alberta happened on rural roads. There were many reasons for this including too many passengers, the influence of alcohol and not wearing seatbelts. As the parent of a young driver, we would recommend setting some tough rules when it comes to driving on rural roads.
  • No alcohol or drugs (ever). Alcohol has an almost immediate effect on driving performance even in very small quantities.


Why choose Direct Driving Schools for your Calgary defensive driving course?

When choosing a driving school, it’s important to pick one that offers you a full experience because you will be using these lessons for the rest of your life on the road. Calgary defensive driving course experts Direct Driving School are guaranteed to teach you in a safe manner that will make you a well-rounded driver for life.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner driver who has never sat behind the wheel before or a practiced driver who just needs a refresher, our defensive driving course in Calgary will be the perfect option for you. We can advise on all aspects of driving that will help you learn in a manner that is safe, fun, interesting and tailored to your own pace.

Our defensive driving course instructor Salah has a passion for teaching and has been a Road Star member for over 10 years. Salah has more than 23 years of driving experience in British Columbia and became a driving instructor to share his road expertise with a new generation of drivers to make a difference where he lives.

We would encourage you to visit our website for some more information about our defensive driving course and check out our handy driver guides. We have compiled a list of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in our FAQs section – please check this list to see if your question may already have been answered.



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